Tableau mariage & details

The tableau mariage is the first wedding detail guests meet at their arrival.
It will be inspired to a special theme chosen by the couple: country chic, elegant, funny, sealover, etc.
Planning a wedding table setting is not easy, it takes time and concentration, all guest will be sit down in harmony.
Flowers at table must represent the purity, the fashion, the beauty of the entire event.

Art and culture.

I come from Magna Grecia, the historic land where Sparta was born.
My land is rich of art and culture: from the pizzica folk dance (already known as Tarantella: a tarantula bites a woman, so she runs to grab a tambourine and dances without inhibition until the poison exits her body) to the beauty of ceramics in Grottaglie, the town of pottery situated in the middle of the Salento area. Art, culture and traditions keep alive the whole apulyan mood, a land where the sun shines every day.

The Apulyan food

Puglia is a region also known for the good food. Lots of books have been written about the high quality of the Mediterranean food: the olive oil, the Primitivo red wine, the orecchiette hand made pasta, sea food, meat and fish. If you try to walk on Sunday morning in one of the little street of an apulyan town you will smell perfumes arising from kitchens.
Cheers to everybody…enjoy the apulian food!

Let your dream come true

Monica & Martino 04/06/2022
“Luciana was wonderful, always available and perfect in her work…
Everything was perfect” …..
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